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Minggu, 16 Mei 2021

Australian - Javanese Youtuber is Making A Breakthrough In Indonesia

Dave Jephcott or better known as Londokampung is an Australian YouTuber who is famous for being fluent in Javanese. Caucasian face with a typical Surabaya Javanese accent made Dave successful in attracting public attention. The Londokampung YouTube channel regularly entertains its subscribers with various funny content such as pranks, family, childhood stories, and other entertainment.

Even though now his parents have returned to Australia, YouTuber Dave still feels at home in Surabaya. Now Dave lives and lives in Surabaya with his little family. Dave is now married to an Indonesian woman named Santi. Both of them have now been blessed with two children named Jago and Brielle. Dave also often shares cohesiveness with his little family through his Instagram account @ londokampung.

Dave said that he first became known to the public after covering an old song by singer Joshua Suherman 'Diobok-obok' in Javanese. The song was uploaded to his YouTube channel in 2016.

"At that time I was very happy because Joshua Suherman made a reaction video when he saw a video of a foreigner singing his song," said Dave, when he was one of the speakers at a digital seminar at Unusa.

Apart from making a reaction video, said Dave, Joshua also thanked him for singing the song 'Diobok-obok'. Since then, Dave has been known to the public as Londo Kampung.

Dave then told how he could speak fluent Javanese Suroboyoan.

Since the age of two, around 1989, Dave was invited by his parents to move to Indonesia because his father had the opportunity to work as a lecturer in Surabaya.

In this city also Dave and his brother Nathan attended the home schooling education program. Outside the home, he interacts a lot with the children around his place of residence.

Those days are what made Dave fall in love with Surabaya. Even when the family had to return to their hometown in Australia, Dave decided to stay. She feels more comfortable in Surabaya than in Melbourne, Australia.

Dave is now married to an Indonesian woman and has one child. Besides regularly uploading funny videos on YouTube, Dave also often teaches his Instagram followers to speak English correctly.

There is a video that Dave made while in Jodipan Village, Malang, which received more than 4.3 million views. In the video, Dave tries to ask the female visitors there. "Do you know where the closest restroom are?" He said.

The woman Dave talked to looked confused and answered, "I don't know your speaking," Dave then replied, "Jedinge is next to you (which bathroom)?" The two women laughed spontaneously because Dave sounded fluent in Javanese.

Even though he is known as a YouTuber who likes to prank, on this occasion, Dave was also challenged to prank Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa. But Dave was not ready for that.

"Sampean Seng prank me aeuk (Mommy is the one who raped me)," he said, greeted by laughter from the audience who packed the Unusa university auditorium.

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