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Minggu, 16 Mei 2021

Sacha Stevenson, Canadian Youtuber Who 'More Indonesian' than Most Of Indonesians

When she first set foot in Jakarta 19 years ago, Sacha Stevenson never thought that he would stay for a long time. "My initial plan was to only live for a year in Indonesia and then move to another country," said Sacha in a strong Jakarta dialect. The plan is just a plan. Sacha admitted that he immediately fell in love with Indonesia.

Happy to be adventurous

“I was raised by a mother who loves traveling. When I was a child until I was a teenager, I often traveled to 20 countries with my mother. Mother's job does make us frequently move places of residence.

“When I was 19 years old, I wanted to create my own adventure. I then enrolled as an English teacher in a country where it was needed. It just so happened that at that time the fastest call came from Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Since his intention was to have an adventure, during the year I worked I really thrifty. I only eat hodgepodge and don't drink beer at Jalan Jaksa, he he he. I also rented a restroom in the alley in the Kebon Jeruk area. Anyway, if you open the door, you can immediately see that the seller knows how badly it is with mothers who are washing clothes.

"This environment makes me fully understand the habits of the Indonesian people. To the point, because I hang out with Indonesians for too long, my foreign friends say, 'Sacha you don't look like foreigners anymore'. I just laughed at that.

“Collecting money for a year, I went to North Sumatra and stayed for eight months in Bukit Lawang. I rented a former Padang restaurant that was bankrupt. Direct contact with the indigenous people made me more familiar with local customs and culture. Of course, an experience that I wouldn't get if I stayed at a hotel. "

Indonesia Second Home

"After leaving Bukit Lawang, I had time to return to my country, Canada. But it didn't last long - I immediately returned to Indonesia. When I returned to Canada, I had followed my mother to Egypt.

“In those days, my eyes were always on the lookout for people with Southeast Asian characteristics and listened carefully to see if they came from Indonesia. If it's from Indonesia, right away, I'll talk to you in Indonesian, he he he.

“Many ask what makes me love Indonesia. Isn't it better to live in Canada where everything is so organized? In my opinion, if everything is systematic, there will be no more interesting.

 "Living in Indonesia is interesting. There is still much to be fought for. Starting from small things, such as traffic jams, pollution, or social problems. Struggle makes us more grateful for life. Struggle makes us appreciate something more when it has been successfully obtained. "

Video pros and cons

“Not everyone likes the YouTube videos I make. Some time ago my video was protested because it was considered defamatory of a certain religion. Finally I re-edited it and the sensor ran out.

"I was also said to be badmouthing Indonesia through YouTube videos. I have no intention of discrediting Indonesia, I love Indonesia. My husband is Indonesian, and I even want to bring my mother to live in Indonesia. Several times my husband also gave input if he thought the video I made was too sensitive.

“I take it easy in responding to all comments. Even though there were negative ones, many also gave appreciation. However, I refused when a production house wanted to lift How to Act Indonesian on TV. Of course, it won't be as free as on YouTube. I think How to Act Indonesian is more suitable for YouTube — I can be more expressive and spread it more widely there.

“Some publishers have also offered me to make books, but wait, I'm still busy with YouTube. Once a week, right, I upload a video and I'm still working on it myself. "

“Right now I'm writing a screenplay for a TV show that I want to offer to several stations. If rejected, yes, that's okay, the important thing is to try. Life doesn't have to be complicated. Do what we like, if you fail, just try again. " CC

A Perfect Medicine for Migrants

His YouTube video How to Act Indonesian, which was posted a year ago, has been widely discussed by the public. Sacha's video recording that tells the daily life of the Indonesian people has captivated many people. Even thanks to his popularity, Sacha got many interesting opportunities in the entertainment world, including playing in the sequel to the Comic 8 film!

"Actually, I made YouTube videos for foreigners and Indonesians who live abroad and miss their country," said Sacha.

from: Femina indonesia

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